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Everyone loves to find an awesome bargain, buy a wonderful outfit, and borrow from your sister’s closet. Why not have all three. I hope to inspire and encourage people to try new trends and wear all clothing with confidence. My blog showcases my style and philosophy on looking good while saving money and closet space. Everyone has an independent expression of who they are, why not express it through beautiful clothes.

About me:

I grew up in LA and loved exploring all the shopping that the city had to offer, along with the warm weather :). But wanted to try something new and get out of California, so Ohio it was! I graduated from Miami University, in small town Oxford, Ohio and loved every second I was there; made me fall in love with the Midwest. Lived in Chicago for two years after graduation and now I’m in Columbus, OH my new home. I started this blog when I first moved to Columbus to help inspire people with different outfits and show off all that the city has to offer. What I love about shopping the most is the search for the hidden gem. Finding that one piece of clothing that is unique. I hope you enjoy my collection!

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