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Beach vacation outfits don’t always have to be tank tops and shorts. If you are trying to cover your skin from the sun, a light colored, lightweight top, like this one worn by my sister, is perfect. It gives you that beach look, but keeps your skin safe. One of my favorite finds this summer was this skort. It makes the outfit feminine and more sophisticated in front and a comfortable and more functional back. Pairing these two pieces together gives you a mature look but still allows you to have fun on vacation!

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Outfit details below:

Top // J.Crew

Belt // Rowe

Skort // Goodwill

Clutch // Henri Bendel (ipad case, but perfect size and price for a clutch)

Sandals // Target


Sometimes my packing is on point, sometimes I get to my destination and realized I packed all wrong. When this happens, I got to work with what I have and hope for the best. This trip I realized the first morning that I didn’t pack enough cover ups. I knew it was going to be hot but forgot about the tropical humidity that comes along with island destinations. When it is hot and humid, I like to wear loose shirts and cover ups to catch the breeze and project my skin from the sun. Having a loose cover up also helps to make an outfit look more put together without wearing a bunch of layers. I have a hard time just wearing shorts and a plain tee, so I made this blouse that I packed into a  makeshift kimono. If you also get stuck in this situation, remember that button-ups and blouses make great cover-ups. Just unbutton them and wear them like a jacket!

Outfit details below:

Blouse // Second Chance Consignment

Tank top // Target

Shorts // Old Navy

Shoes // Target

Necklace // Charlotte Rouse

Sunglasses // Glam 356


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Last weekend I spent my Saturday in Cincinnati visiting Andrea, one of my college roommates. I’ve been in and out of Cincinnati a couple times but had never really had the chance to explore the different neighborhoods. We started the morning in Hyde Park at Coffee Emporium. They had a nice warm fire burning on their patio that we enjoyed with our delicious mocha mudslides and zucchini bread. With only a couple hours to explore we headed to Over the Rhine, also known as OTR to go to the Findlay Market. The market is about four blocks of local vendors of all sorts. We stumbled upon Ida Candles stand where I bought a candle for my bathroom scented “Butt Naked” I thought it was funny :), smells fresh and clean.

We found these great colored doors on the side, so naturally I had to grab a couple shots. I found this suede jacket back in Columbus at Smartypants Vintage. I’m obsessed. It has green silk lining and is from Yugoslavia. A woman asked me how old it was, sadly I didn’t know, but reminded me why I love vintage clothing; the piece of clothing has so much history. I would have loved to know who the owner was before and how they styled it! This jacket has become my go-to fall coat. It is tailored, warm, and goes with most of my clothing. It was perfect for exploring around.


Outfit details below:

Jacket: Smartypants Vintage

Top: Scotch and Soda // Scotch & Soda

Scarf: Fashion for Philanthropy pop up sale

Jeans: Target // Mossimo

Shoes: Goodwill $3.99 // Superga

Purse: Fashion for Philanthropy Marc by Marc Jacobs for $60!


One of my favorite parts about my recent trip to Spain was my personalized private fashion tour through My Favourite Things. What I love about traveling is observing and absorbing different cultures. Whether that means sitting at a plaza restaurant and watching the city go by, or connecting with a local about where their favorite spots are. Don’t get me wrong, I still go to see tourist attractions, but you don’t fully experience a city if you are surrounded by tourist all day. And that is one of the reasons I loved the idea of this fashion tour. I emailed the company a month or two before our trip and from there on we exchanged multiple emails. She got to know more about me as a person, my style, and how I wanted to see local shops. We spent about 5 hours with our guide Laura as she showed us local Barcelona and Spanish designers. We could tell she really studied our style and tailored the tour perfectly to the shops in our price range and what we were looking for. We went in and out of stores as she gave us a background of who the designer was, their style, price range, and what they are known for. She also spent time in between shops telling us about the Barcelona lifestyle and pointing out restaurants and bars on the map for us to check out after. -She does a culinary tour as well for you foodies out there 😉 -. As we browsed stores she pointed out that the Barcelona style is all about comfort, showing us clothes that weren’t form fitting, more  of a boxy and loose shape. Needless to say after the tour we had to go back into all the shops she showed us and doing some good old fashion shopping.

I loved seeing all the local designers and their different store layouts. One that I fell in love with before we even went inside was Dr. Bloom.  With vibrant colors and patterns displayed in the window and I was immediately drawn in. You walk into the store and it is has a fresh and exciting feel. With a pitcher of lemonade to refresh you while you shop around and old fashion beach huts as fitting rooms, it just makes you smile. And this is before you even start looking at the beautiful clothing! As I went through each rack I struggled to only pick one item to bring back to the states, I wanted everything. We learned that Dr. Bloom, a local Barcelona designer, creates a new collection every 15 days! This was so cool to me because the items you buy are truly unique. I decided on one of their gorgeous pink pastel jackets (87 euro), which is light weight and fits beautifully over a dress or jeans and a white shirt.

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Another store that my boyfriend and I both loved was Maians. Another Barcelona designer, their shoes are made in Spain and designed for comfort and to embrace the Barcelona beach lifestyle. The shoes are cotton so you don’t have to wear socks with them and can put them in the wash if you needed to. Maians is a great example of the style that Laura was talking about, that comfortable and easy look. We each bought a pair and wore them the rest of the trip, very comfortable. Although they are made for a beach lifestyle, they work just great any where, I’ve been wearing mine here in Ohio, and it brings the beach lifestyle to Columbus. IMG_466420150327_175504 (1)IMG_4671IMG_4583

Recently I took a “holiday” (as they say in Europe) to Amsterdam and Barcelona and challenged myself to just take a carry on size bag. Now this sounds almost impossible for traveling to 2 different climates in 10 days and trying to get some blog post in while doing it, but I’m here to say that it can be done! It can be done without outfit repeating and you can even have 2 outfits a day. I’ve traveled to Europe before and took a huge suitcase and I learned my lesson. Getting on and off trains and buses with a 50 lbs suitcase was stressful. Also, many places don’t have elevators and the rooms tend to be smaller than in America. Another lesson I learned when checking bags while traveling internationally, there is a better chance of it getting lost at the airport. Last thing you need after traveling for 15 hours to Europe is to not have any clothes. Eek!

So there I was a week before my trip with a carry on size suitcase and a bed full of clothes, shoes, and accessories. I started by going through every piece I had and eliminating any piece that only went with one outfit. I aimed for each item to go with at least 3 different outfits. Starting with my pants, I packed 3 pairs. After that, I picked my 5 pairs of shoes. Each one went with at least 2 pairs of pants. Now onto the tops, I made sure that I could layer all of them. In Amsterdam it was a bit colder than Barcelona, so did more layering there. Took 1 heavy coat to Amsterdam and 1 lighter ones to Barcelona. We were lucky enough to have a washer at our apartment 5 days in, so I was able to wash my socks and undergarments. Different shirts with different pants and then changing the scarf gives you completely different looks. And then my secret weapon..ziplock vacuum bags. I only had to use 1, but man did it do magic. I took an extra one for the way back because I knew I would be going shopping ;).

My breakdown of packing list

3 pairs of pants

5 shoes

6 tops

2 dresses/rompers

1 pair tights

1 heavy coat

1 lighter jackets

3 necklaces

3 scarves

2 pairs of sunglasses

1 set of PJs

More details of each individual outfit to come in future post. But for now here are a few of my outfits from the trip

IMG_3892 IMG_3983IMG_409820150323_175349IMG_4259 IMG_4305 IMG_4340 IMG_4389IMG_4502IMG_4565