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Not all winter coats have to be puffy and plain. I found this cream wool jacket from Russia at a local Columbus consignment shop, called Second Chance Consignment. I thought the trim and clasps on the jacket were unique and added some character to a simple black outfit. One of the reasons I love fashion is that I can play dress up every day. This jacket is a bit more costume style than every day, but paired with other simple clothing you can make it work!

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Jacket // Second Chance Consignment

Vest //  Forever 21

Jeans // Target

Clutch // ASOS

Boots // Marshalls

Nail Polish // JRJ Polish

IMG_8751 IMG_8758

There’s a lot of transitioning going on this time of year. For me, it is my clothing and beauty routines. With the weather changing not only does my wardrobe transition but so does my beauty routine. Now I don’t usually talk about cosmetics or moisturizers, but I do think having a good beauty routine is important, plus it’ll show you more behinds the scenes of what I do to prepare for photo shoots and everyday life. I’ve teamed up with Meijer to go over some of the products that I use in the fall. Like with my clothing, I’m also a bargain hunter with my beauty products. Although I am a bit more picky with beauty products, it just isn’t as easy to blend in bad makeup as it is to pull off a thrift store skirt. Below I broke down some of my favorite and most trustworthy brands that I can always count on for beauty care.



I started wearing makeup in 6th grade for big events, birthdays, holidays and those awkward school dances, but now it has become a part of my everyday routine. Not everyone likes wearing makeup every day, or they prefer just one product to put on, and that is totally ok! Similar to my clothing philosophy, do what makes you feel comfortable. I don’t feel like my outfit is complete without lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara. Cover Girl has been my go to mascara for years now. Whatever the occasion, I trust that it will look good. I’ve been loyal to their Full Blast purple tube mascara but wanted to try another one of their products. I went with The Super Sized Mascara and WOW! I felt like I was wearing fake eyelashes, I loved it. The shape of the wand is what gives you a nice bold look. And if I want to get a dramatic look I double up on mascaras and try different brands together. I use Cover Girl and Maybelline Chaotic Mascara.



Lipstick and any lip color were beauty products that took me a while to feel comfortable wearing. Rocking lipstick can make or break your outfit; this is not to scare you off from using it, though! You just have to know the right brands and colors for you. As much as I love the red lipstick look, I’ve found that it doesn’t look as good on me as some of the more maroon and purple tones out there. In the first two photos up top, I’m wearing Revlon “Desert Spice” lip gloss. In the tube, it looks very dark but is a lighter look on my lips. Another lip color that I’m obsessed with is the purples shade. Below, this “Vixen Violet” Cover Girl Outlast Longwear Lipstick, might seem intimidating when looking at the stick, but when worn with the right clothing it can be the cherry on top of your outfit.



The lotion is key when transitioning from summer to fall. Your skin, more than likely, has soaked up some sun over the past couple months and now it’s time to take preventative care. To start, make sure you have SPF in your lotion or makeup that you put on daily. Then for your evening routine, make sure to moisturize with repair and wrinkle cream. I like Olay’s Regenerist micro-sculpting cream and Neutrogena’s Rapid Wrinkle Repair. I usually rotate between the two. When you are young, it is hard to get into that routine of using wrinkle cream because it hasn’t yet been a major issue for you. But this is why we call it preventative care. You start to get softer and brighter skin, then down the line it will pay off. I remember my mom telling me once never to forget to moisturize your neck, especially when you are younger because it makes all the difference down the line. So I always make sure to extend my moisturizing onto my neck as well.



Last but not least, cleanser. Get into the habit of washing your face daily with a cleanser that is right for your skin. Not all cleansers are for everyone. I have oily, acne-prone skin, so I make sure to use a cleanser that helps reduce the shine and keeps my acne under control. I started using Garnier Shine Control Cleansing Gel a couple of weeks ago and saw results within the first week. My face wasn’t as shiny, and my blemishes were kept under control. Some days I even felt like I didn’t have to wear any cover up!

And there you go, a look into my beauty routine this fall. All these products are on sale right now at Meijer to help you transition into fall as well!

*While I did work with Meijer on this post, I only wrote about products that I love and already use in my everyday routine*

IMG_7688Version 2

With summer dwindling down and fall sneaking up on us, it is time to start looking at the exciting new Fall 2015 trends! Throughout the next couple of weeks I’m going to feature the most wearable, in my opinion, of those trends. People tend to get intimidated when they see runway shows and fashion week photos of these extravagant and gorgeous outfits for season’s trends, don’t get me wrong I absolutely love the outfits, but unless you live in New York, Los Angeles, or Paris they might be a bit much for a night out on the town in Columbus, OH. With that in mind, I’m going to focus on featuring the trends in more relatable and wearable outfits.


IMG_7731 Version 2First trend in my Fall series posts, the 70’s. I’ve always loved the 70’s style, so I’m looking forward to really embracing it this September. 70’s style has already started making its’ way into stores the past couple of years, so if the idea of trying out a new trend is frightening, start with this trend for the Fall (work your way to the fur boots trend later). If you are feeling a bit more daring and want to really embrace the 70’s trend, buy a vintage dress from that time period! As I was making my way through the vintage section of Second Chance Consignment, I immediately grabbed this dress. The fabric and colors were beautiful and I loved the cut of it. For only $10, I had to have it. Later on I started doing research on the designer, Diane Freis, and fell in love with it even more. Starting her collection over in Hong Kong in 1973, she built her empire off of dresses that were one-size, easy care, and didn’t wrinkle in suitcases. They soon became very popular for travelers because they were light weight and easy to pack. I’m a big advocate for carry on bags, so loved this concept. Wearing the dress is a lot of fun, with a flared bottom and sexy plunge, I felt very bohemian, plus it was super comfortable. I belted it to help accentuate my waist and added booties for some height. Looking for more of a subtle 70’s look? Here are the details to look for:

1) Flare

2) Maxi



5) Denim and Suede

Outfit breakdown below

Dress: Diane Freis //  KUT from the Kloth Boho Ruffle-Dress 

Belt: Vintage Escada // Michael Kors

Sunglasses: Street vendor // Urban Outfitters Forever 21

Shoes: Target // Target

Necklace: gifted // Nashelle

(I altered my dress a little to make it more fitting for this time era, took out shoulder pads and neckline ruffles)



Over the past couple of weeks my friend Liz and I have been hitting up the best thrift stores in Columbus to create a list of tips and stores for you guys! (Of course we did a little shopping while we were at it as well). Liz and I became friends through blogging. She is a very trendy lifestyle and mommy blogger who also shares the same love of bargain hunting as I do. Seeing that I am fairly new to Columbus, I reached out to her to see if she could show me the ropes. Liz knows her way around the thrift stores and knows how to work it. She shops every section, finding adorable swimsuits for her daughter to summer jean shorts for herself. We shopped three different stores, Volunteers of America- West Henderson, Ohio Thrift- Upper Arlington, and Goodwill Columbus.






Below are my tips for thrifting. Head over to Liz’s blog for her tips!

1) Be comfortable and patient. Don’t expect the perfect dress right off the bat. You need to give yourself time to dig through the store and try things on. You will not find a gem if you only spend 5 minutes searching. In addition to this is comfort, you need to have your hands free and feel comfortable so that you can focus all your attention on the items.



2) Pay no attention to sizes. Most of us, have our individual size so stuck in our mind that other sizes don’t even exist. If you see something you like try it on. The styles, companies, eras, fabrics are all so different at thrift stores that sizes don’t matter. If I see a pattern, fabric, or style that I like, I try it on. Yes I have tried on some awkwardly fitted clothing, but I have also found amazing pieces that are no where close to my size.


3) Color of the day. Almost every thrift store marks their clothing with colored tags. These colors are a certain percentage off different days of the week. Check out what colors are discounted on what days. If you are on the fence about an item come back on it’s discounted day, if it is still there then it is fate. You can get a $2.99 shirt for 50% off! What a deal.



4) Have fun! Thrift stores have so much merchandise who knows what you might find, so have fun with it. You might find a mermaid trinket that could make for a jewelry holder or a goofy hat that would be a great prop for a party or halloween costume. So just remember don’t take everything too seriously 😉

IMG_6256IMG_6193IMG_6223 IMG_6261

Happy Summer! Now that it is hot and humid out, your wardrobe will be changing as well. I usually go for clothing that is a bit looser so you can catch a breeze and don’t have to hide in air conditioning all day. I found this pair of uniquely shaped earrings at Meijer and was inspired to put this outfit together from there. The earrings are just the right size and shape to be worn both as a daytime and nighttime accessory. Here I worn them as a daytime accessory to spruce up the outfit a bit. It is a perfect outfit for a day out to brunch or walk in the park. I loved how the shorts were loose and a light material which made them super comfortable. With the blouse and shorts being loose, I grabbed a belt to help give me some shape to the outfit. And guess what, this look was all under $50! All could be mixed with other pieces of clothing as well. The blouse would be perfect with jean shorts for a more casual look and the shorts paired with a white shirt for another summer look. The possibilities are endless.

Outfit breakdown below:

Earrings: Meijer

Blouse: Meijer

Shorts: Meijer

Belt: Meijer

Bracelet: Meijer

Sunglasses: Sperry

Sandals: Target

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