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This weekend Glam 356 x Chertova are coming together to give you an extraordinary one of a kind clothing line. I love Chertova’s jewelry line; the simplicity and elegance make her pieces perfect for any occasion, and her clothing line is no different! The Glam 356 x Chertova collection gives you a balance of simple and trendy. It provides you with a pallet of neutral colors and styles that are the timeless basics that everyone needs in their closet. I love that it is velvet too! The great thing about velvet is it’s versatile; dress it down during the day like how I styled it and then dress it up at night with black bottoms, glamourous faux fur, and silver jewelry. The entire collection was handmade here in Columbus, OH and will be on sale at Glam 356 starting this Saturday!


Outfit details

Top: Glam 356 x Chertova

Necklace: Chertova

Pants: Paige Denim

Shoes: Aldo on 6pm

Coat: Laundry