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Fashion Meets Music Festival


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Over the last couple of years, music festivals have become more and more of a look book. People are starting to debut new trends and getting creative with what they are wearing to enjoy their favorite bands. Why not combine the two into one huge festival? That is exactly what Fashion Meet Music Festival in Columbus did this past Labor day weekend. With three stages for music, one huge fashion tent and local vendors spread throughout, it made for two jammed packed days. I started my day in the fashion tent, where I saw Cierra Lauren’s beautiful wedding dress collection and Torn Angel’s unique pieces, all while a live band played to the left of the stage.  Seeing runway shows are inspiring. I love seeing all the details up close in person and how the clothing walks and fits. You get to know the designer and see the consistency of their style.

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As I wandered around the festival grounds, I was inspired by others’ outfits. Lots of cool creative looks. I got to enjoy some local vendors and do some shopping as well. Because who doesn’t like an opportunity to shop. I got to listen to live music while browsing through clothes at The Boutique Truck and The Black Ally Pop-up shop. How cool! After a little shopping, I went off to listen to some bands. One band that caught my attention was The One and Only PPL MVRS. At first, yes I had an OMG what moment?! thought, but the more I watched, the more intrigued I was. Their outfits had creativity behind them. They chose this look for a reason and created a personality for each one. We ended up watching them for their entire show because they were greatly entertaining and it was interesting to watch the personality of the band. Their music grew on me, and I found myself rocking out. There is something about live performances that make the atmosphere more enjoyable, regardless if it is your kind of music or not. The other shows I got to jam out to were Ludacris, Rachel Platten, O.A.R., and Soja. It was a great way to spend my labor weekend, watching talented people both in design, music, and entertainment.



Enjoying my labor day weekend at @fmmfestival fashion tent and jamming to some of my favorites from @ludacris!

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