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How to get Anne Hathaway’s look from Warner Bros. Entertainment’s new movie The Intern! Now out in theaters everywhere, The Intern is about a 70-year-old widower, Robert De Niro, who is looking to come out of retirement and applies to be an intern at an e-commerce site founded and run by Anne Hathaway. Anne Hathaway’s character in the movie, Jules Ostin, has a sophisticated, yet trendy style. Now I’ve had my fair share of fashion internships, some paid, but mostly pro bono work, so I wanted to share with you ways to dress like the head of a fashion company, even if you are still the intern.

  1. This past year I purchased a white cotton button-down from Gap; it is casual fit and super comfortable. It has been so versatile and can be worn both to work or out. It also gives you a more professional look, even when worn with jeans or, in this case, leather pants. Layering the shirt is a great way to give you a more sophisticated look.
  2. Many people already have a pullover sweater, so try layering that with collared shirts underneath. Look at mixing colors and prints when layering, it won’t be overwhelming because the undershirt doesn’t show much.
  3. On to the pants. Leather or pleather pants are a perfect way to make your outfit look trendy. They have that bold aspect about them that shows you are cutting edge.
  4. And then the heels, I’m a big fan of colorful shoes, especially when worn with neutral colors, they pop nicely. I feel more professional when I wear heels, but they aren’t for everyone, so try out what style shoe you feel confident in and roll with that. (I included three different heights of shoes below)

In the end, don’t be afraid to dress like a founder of a successful fashion company, like the saying goes “fake it until you make it!”

Outfit breakdown below:

Shirt: Gap // Joe Fresh , Curvy fit ELOQUII J.Crew , Petite Ann Taylor

Sweater: Old Navy // Line Vince

Pants: Pac Sun // Asos NYDJ Forever 21

Shoes: Target // Jessica Simpson,  Flats American Eagle , shorter heel Dorothy Perkins

Coat: Old Navy // Love Stitch Missguided

Sunglasses: Sperry //  Isaac Mizrahi Le Specs

Purse: Chanel // Co-Lab by Christopher Kon
Neiman Marcus

IMG_9026IMG_9015 IMG_9054IMG_9043 IMG_9078

Yesterday my boyfriend and I attended Independent’s Day Festival in Franklinton, Columbus, OH. There was so much to see! Every corner of the neighborhood was displaying pieces of art. There was everything, jewelry vendors, carpenters, live art, graffiti art, music, and much more! Creativity was definitely in the air. I loved seeing all the bright, vibrant colors and the liveliness of the festival. There were so many cool hidden pieces of art at this festival. In the background of some of my photos, you can spot a gold toilet hanging from the building. Other ones you can see graffiti art in the making as artist spray painted. Around one of the buildings was a painting of a robot, which matched my clear robot clutch. My favorite site was this ally that had a ceiling of hanging art by Dana Lynn Harpe. It was so pretty to look up at and made this sort of broken down ally look vibrant and fun.

IMG_8941IMG_8983Version 2IMG_8978

One of the more confusing parts of fall is September. The temperature, at least in Ohio, goes back and forth from being 60 degrees back to 80 degrees. And there is a good chance you have already put away your summer clothing. That means this month is all about balance. Style your outfits with the idea of balancing top and bottom. If you are going to wear pants, stick with a short sleeve shirt or casual button down.  If you are going to wear a dress or skirt, make sure the top is longer sleeves or layer it with a light jacket. I balanced out my J Brand jeans with a loose short sleeve blouse to keep me comfortable yet seasonally appropriate. I also love a good hat in the fall; it tends to put the entire outfit together. Then there is my see-through robot clutch that I think is hilarious, and I mostly have it because I think it is fun!

Outfit breakdown below:

Hat: Target // Madewell Nordstrom

Shirt: SheIn // Aqua NYDJ (curvy), Express, SheIn

Jeans: J Brand // Tractr 7 For All Mankind J Brand, SheIn

Shoes: Target // Sam Edelman BC Footwear American Eagle

Sunglasses: Street Vendor // Vans Spitfire Urban Outfitters

Clutch: Asos // Natasha CoutureCC SkyeMG Collection

IMG_8751 IMG_8758

There’s a lot of transitioning going on this time of year. For me, it is my clothing and beauty routines. With the weather changing not only does my wardrobe transition but so does my beauty routine. Now I don’t usually talk about cosmetics or moisturizers, but I do think having a good beauty routine is important, plus it’ll show you more behinds the scenes of what I do to prepare for photo shoots and everyday life. I’ve teamed up with Meijer to go over some of the products that I use in the fall. Like with my clothing, I’m also a bargain hunter with my beauty products. Although I am a bit more picky with beauty products, it just isn’t as easy to blend in bad makeup as it is to pull off a thrift store skirt. Below I broke down some of my favorite and most trustworthy brands that I can always count on for beauty care.



I started wearing makeup in 6th grade for big events, birthdays, holidays and those awkward school dances, but now it has become a part of my everyday routine. Not everyone likes wearing makeup every day, or they prefer just one product to put on, and that is totally ok! Similar to my clothing philosophy, do what makes you feel comfortable. I don’t feel like my outfit is complete without lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara. Cover Girl has been my go to mascara for years now. Whatever the occasion, I trust that it will look good. I’ve been loyal to their Full Blast purple tube mascara but wanted to try another one of their products. I went with The Super Sized Mascara and WOW! I felt like I was wearing fake eyelashes, I loved it. The shape of the wand is what gives you a nice bold look. And if I want to get a dramatic look I double up on mascaras and try different brands together. I use Cover Girl and Maybelline Chaotic Mascara.



Lipstick and any lip color were beauty products that took me a while to feel comfortable wearing. Rocking lipstick can make or break your outfit; this is not to scare you off from using it, though! You just have to know the right brands and colors for you. As much as I love the red lipstick look, I’ve found that it doesn’t look as good on me as some of the more maroon and purple tones out there. In the first two photos up top, I’m wearing Revlon “Desert Spice” lip gloss. In the tube, it looks very dark but is a lighter look on my lips. Another lip color that I’m obsessed with is the purples shade. Below, this “Vixen Violet” Cover Girl Outlast Longwear Lipstick, might seem intimidating when looking at the stick, but when worn with the right clothing it can be the cherry on top of your outfit.



The lotion is key when transitioning from summer to fall. Your skin, more than likely, has soaked up some sun over the past couple months and now it’s time to take preventative care. To start, make sure you have SPF in your lotion or makeup that you put on daily. Then for your evening routine, make sure to moisturize with repair and wrinkle cream. I like Olay’s Regenerist micro-sculpting cream and Neutrogena’s Rapid Wrinkle Repair. I usually rotate between the two. When you are young, it is hard to get into that routine of using wrinkle cream because it hasn’t yet been a major issue for you. But this is why we call it preventative care. You start to get softer and brighter skin, then down the line it will pay off. I remember my mom telling me once never to forget to moisturize your neck, especially when you are younger because it makes all the difference down the line. So I always make sure to extend my moisturizing onto my neck as well.



Last but not least, cleanser. Get into the habit of washing your face daily with a cleanser that is right for your skin. Not all cleansers are for everyone. I have oily, acne-prone skin, so I make sure to use a cleanser that helps reduce the shine and keeps my acne under control. I started using Garnier Shine Control Cleansing Gel a couple of weeks ago and saw results within the first week. My face wasn’t as shiny, and my blemishes were kept under control. Some days I even felt like I didn’t have to wear any cover up!

And there you go, a look into my beauty routine this fall. All these products are on sale right now at Meijer to help you transition into fall as well!

*While I did work with Meijer on this post, I only wrote about products that I love and already use in my everyday routine*


IMG_8231 IMG_8405IMG_8413

Over the last couple of years, music festivals have become more and more of a look book. People are starting to debut new trends and getting creative with what they are wearing to enjoy their favorite bands. Why not combine the two into one huge festival? That is exactly what Fashion Meet Music Festival in Columbus did this past Labor day weekend. With three stages for music, one huge fashion tent and local vendors spread throughout, it made for two jammed packed days. I started my day in the fashion tent, where I saw Cierra Lauren’s beautiful wedding dress collection and Torn Angel’s unique pieces, all while a live band played to the left of the stage.  Seeing runway shows are inspiring. I love seeing all the details up close in person and how the clothing walks and fits. You get to know the designer and see the consistency of their style.

IMG_8249 IMG_8250 IMG_8296IMG_8386

As I wandered around the festival grounds, I was inspired by others’ outfits. Lots of cool creative looks. I got to enjoy some local vendors and do some shopping as well. Because who doesn’t like an opportunity to shop. I got to listen to live music while browsing through clothes at The Boutique Truck and The Black Ally Pop-up shop. How cool! After a little shopping, I went off to listen to some bands. One band that caught my attention was The One and Only PPL MVRS. At first, yes I had an OMG what moment?! thought, but the more I watched, the more intrigued I was. Their outfits had creativity behind them. They chose this look for a reason and created a personality for each one. We ended up watching them for their entire show because they were greatly entertaining and it was interesting to watch the personality of the band. Their music grew on me, and I found myself rocking out. There is something about live performances that make the atmosphere more enjoyable, regardless if it is your kind of music or not. The other shows I got to jam out to were Ludacris, Rachel Platten, O.A.R., and Soja. It was a great way to spend my labor weekend, watching talented people both in design, music, and entertainment.



Enjoying my labor day weekend at @fmmfestival fashion tent and jamming to some of my favorites from @ludacris!


Fall fashion is probably one of my favorites. I love layering sweaters, jackets, scarfs, boots and not having to think about what shirts would show my sweat (sorry gross I know). Summer, you are my favorite for lighting, I don’t like when it gets dark at 5 pm, it makes photo shoots a bit more challenging, making September an awesome month for photo shoots. It starts to cool down but still has great lighting. We lucked out with this shoot because it started off shaky. Me, being a bit distraught from a busy week, forgot to put the SD card back in the camera. Eek! We got to the location right at the beginning of golden hour (the hour of the day when everything glows), set up shop and took the first shot only to realize there was no memory. With dark skies coming, we sped home, at the speed limit, of course, grabbed my card and back to the location. Thankfully the summer hours allowed us to get still some photos in of this beautiful baby blue coat.


Pastels are making themselves comfortable in your closet; a color normally worn in spring and summer is now staying for fall and winter. This coat from Rowe Boutique is unbelievably comfortable. The over sized fit and soft blue color gives you a chic urban look. I love coats like this because it brings life to a simple outfit. Here I wore faux leather leggings and a short sleeve white button down and added heels to elongate my legs since the coat is oversized. To transition from warm to cool to cold weather, accessorize the coat with a scarf, wool hat, and layer underneath.



Outfit breakdown below:

Coat: Rowe //  GUESS Missguided

Top: Rowe // Lucky Brand Zadig & Voltaire

Scarf: Rowe // Urbanista Plaid Frayed Infinity Urban Outfitters

Pants: Street vendor //Jessica Simpson NYDJ

Shoes: Target // Franco Sarto Forever 21

Hat: Rowe // Madewell Billabong