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I usually am all about colors and fun patterns, but the simple all black look is growing on me quickly. The look that you are starting to see on Pinterest and in magazines is a perfect look for everyone and all body types. Black is a slimming color to begin with, and then you get to pick the style of clothing that fits you best. The color gives you a more sophisticated and mature look. It doesn’t take much to nail this look either. I tried adding accessories, and it took away from the simplicity of the outfit, which gave me this final look of 5 pieces. My experience with friends, family, and clients’ closets are that everyone owns black pieces. Now you get to wear them together as if they were brand new!

If you don’t have already, three black pieces of clothing to invest in:

  1. Jeans
  2. Turtleneck
  3. Heels

Outfit breakdown below:

Top: Charlotte Russe // Free PeopleNeiman Marcus, Charlotte Russe

Kimono: H&M // H&M, Forever 21

Pants: J. Brand  //BDG7 For All MankindTopshopJ Brand

Shoes: BCBG // Target, Nordstrom

Sunglasses: Cotton On // Urban Outfitters , Von Zipper



It is back! Remember back in the day when these necklaces were a hot commodity? Well, now I wished I saved mine from grade school. This necklace is just one of the many different 90s trends that are making an appearance this fall. Here I’m wearing the choker, the ripped jeans, and platforms, all right out of my 13-year-old self’s closet. Fashion is fun because it is always changing, but that also means you might spend more money on something that might not last. For this trend, stick with the cheaper henna necklaces, it might just be a quickie. I got mine from Charlotte Russe, other brands listed below. The looser fitting ripped jeans are a piece that are worth getting a good pair.  I got mine from Target a year ago and have worn them in. Cutting your jeans is also a great way to save money and make them more authentic. IMG_7914 IMG_7947

I do have to give credit to my younger sister, Cornell, for turning me back onto the henna necklaces. I knew the 90s were coming back, but I was still trying to get a grasp on it all. I saw her rocking it one day and was inspired. It might not be a look for everyone, but it is surely worth trying! What is the worse that can happen? You end up bringing back old memories and jamming to Spice Girls!

Outfit details below:

Necklace: Charlotte Russe // Asos Topshop Nasty Gal

Top:  Charlotte Russe // Asos Hard Tail ,

Jeans: Target // Joe Fresh Boohoo IRO

Shoes: Target // BC Footwear BC Footwear Steve Madden

Sunglasses: Cotton On // Urban Outfitters Urban OutfittersUrban Outfitters 

Version 3

Trend no.2 this fall: Oversized and Masculine fitted clothing. This style can be tricky to style just because if you wear it the wrong way you might look more like a blob than a fashionista. But don’t worry that is why I created a list for you to check off to make sure you nail it!

I’m a big fan of this trend because it is so comfy and easy. Who knew throwing on a large shirt and a scarf could be cute? Now let’s go more into the details. I paired this light blue and white scarf with the navy windowpane dress to mix up the patterns to give it a more structured look but kept the concepts of stripes and blues and whites similar. For example, a bright pink leopard print scarf might be too much pattern mixing. For accessories, I kept them simple. The outfit’s main focus is the oversized shirt dress; the jewelry is just there to make it a bit more feminine.

IMG_7860 IMG_7849

1) Balance. Wear a balance of the trend, not everything you wear has to be oversized. With this shirt dress, I made sure to show my legs to proportion out the outfit. As it starts to get cooler, I’d suggest wearing tights or skinny jeans for this same balance.

2) Add some height. Will help to make the oversize slimmer and help balance out the outfit.

3) A touch of feminine. Yes, the trend is an oversized masculine fit, but make sure to throw in a piece or two to make the outfit a bit more flattering. That can be anything from belting your waist, large earrings, to necklaces.

4) Try different patterns and fabrics. Wearing different patterns and fabrics will help break up the outfit and give it more structure.

Outfit breakdown below

Dress: Vernacular //MadewellBB Dakota Forever 21 Old Navy BB Dakota

Scarf: H&M //MadewellSole SocietyNatasha Roffe

Shoes: Target // Forever 21 Jessica Simpson MiaRampage

Watch: Daniel Wellington // Urban Outfitters TimexUrban Outfitters

Bracelet: souvenir from Hawaii // FameForever 21

Earrings: Franceca’s //Jcpenney Betsey Johnson

Sunglasses: H&M // Michael Kors Express

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IMG_7688Version 2

With summer dwindling down and fall sneaking up on us, it is time to start looking at the exciting new Fall 2015 trends! Throughout the next couple of weeks I’m going to feature the most wearable, in my opinion, of those trends. People tend to get intimidated when they see runway shows and fashion week photos of these extravagant and gorgeous outfits for season’s trends, don’t get me wrong I absolutely love the outfits, but unless you live in New York, Los Angeles, or Paris they might be a bit much for a night out on the town in Columbus, OH. With that in mind, I’m going to focus on featuring the trends in more relatable and wearable outfits.


IMG_7731 Version 2First trend in my Fall series posts, the 70’s. I’ve always loved the 70’s style, so I’m looking forward to really embracing it this September. 70’s style has already started making its’ way into stores the past couple of years, so if the idea of trying out a new trend is frightening, start with this trend for the Fall (work your way to the fur boots trend later). If you are feeling a bit more daring and want to really embrace the 70’s trend, buy a vintage dress from that time period! As I was making my way through the vintage section of Second Chance Consignment, I immediately grabbed this dress. The fabric and colors were beautiful and I loved the cut of it. For only $10, I had to have it. Later on I started doing research on the designer, Diane Freis, and fell in love with it even more. Starting her collection over in Hong Kong in 1973, she built her empire off of dresses that were one-size, easy care, and didn’t wrinkle in suitcases. They soon became very popular for travelers because they were light weight and easy to pack. I’m a big advocate for carry on bags, so loved this concept. Wearing the dress is a lot of fun, with a flared bottom and sexy plunge, I felt very bohemian, plus it was super comfortable. I belted it to help accentuate my waist and added booties for some height. Looking for more of a subtle 70’s look? Here are the details to look for:

1) Flare

2) Maxi



5) Denim and Suede

Outfit breakdown below

Dress: Diane Freis //  KUT from the Kloth Boho Ruffle-Dress 

Belt: Vintage Escada // Michael Kors

Sunglasses: Street vendor // Urban Outfitters Forever 21

Shoes: Target // Target

Necklace: gifted // Nashelle

(I altered my dress a little to make it more fitting for this time era, took out shoulder pads and neckline ruffles)


Sunday night dinners are always a good way to make Sundays a bit more fun. Now that we are a good week or so into August the days and nights have gotten hotter and more humid. I run very hot, so I always make sure when it is hot and humid out that I wear loose fitted clothing for more of a breeze. These shorts from Zara are perfect because they are breathable, and also nice enough for a dinner date. Tips below for how to shop for and style nice shorts

1. Pay attention to the fabric and the fit. This will help you so that you don’t look like you are wearing boxers/sleeping shorts out to dinner.

2. Check the length. Don’t go for the short shorts, the restaurant doesn’t want to see your cheeks while they are eating.

3. Tuck In. Tucking in a shirt will give the outfit a completely different look, will give you the formal accent that the shorts would need.

Outfit breakdown below:


Shorts: Zara // Tart

Shoes: Target // Asos

Purse: Kate Spade // Sole Society Kate Spade

Sunglasses: Cotton On //  Cat Eye Cat Eye


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