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This past weekend I attended Simply Stylist Chicago at the Dana Hotel and Spa to learn all the ins and outs of styling, make up, and blogging. Although it was one of the hottest days of the summer, everyone came dressed to impress. My day started with a celebrity panel hosted by Catt Sadler. The panel consist of Corrie McFadan, Jacey Duprie, Joey Maalouf, and Sazan Hendrix. Each one had their own unique story on why and how they started their businesses. I loved Corri McFadden’s, founder of eDrop Off, view on never giving up and not letting other get you down; she was a serious “Girl Boss”. She spoke with confidence and touched on the importance of having a good support system when starting your own business. Next Jacey of @damselindior spoke about her brand that she’s created and to stay focused on what you are doing, instead of getting caught up in other’s accounts and followers. She also emphasized the power of consistency, especially on instagram. Joey Maalouf, celebrity hair and makeup artist was a ball of energy and hilarious. He talked about confidence and going out and doing what you love. He related to all fashion and beauty people there with the advice about researching your industry inside and out. Last to speak on the panel was Sazan of @sazanbarzani. Sazan really values her followers  and uses youtube as a way for them to get to know her better and her personality. One piece of advice from her that I loved was BYOB- Be Your Own Boss.

After the panel we had a chance to network, eat, be pampered, and of course take photos for our instagrams. During this time you also had the option to sit in on breakout sessions. I sat in on Marcellas Reynolds Styling 101. It was a quick 30 minute breakout session, but jammed packed with great advice for those looking to be a stylist. He has done everything from modeling, celebrity styling, TV appearances, to styling for catalog companies and had great insight on the industry. Top piece of advice I took from him, research, research, research,  know magazine, celebrity, and designer stylists, and know them well.

My outfit breakdown below:

Top: Gap

Skirt: Oscar de la Renta from Smarty Pants // Tommy HilfigerOscar de la Renta

Necklace: Christina Link Necklace – Gold  // Emily and Ashley

Shoes: Target // Jessica SimpsonMissguided

Bracelet: Rocksbox

Nail polish: JRJ Polish 





IMG_6961IMG_6934 IMG_6954IMG_6936


Remember when Lilly for Target came out and how crazy it was?! I learned that patience is a virtue.  Instead of waking up super early on Sunday of the release, I waited about a week for the returns to start flowing in and I was lucky enough to grab this blue and white jumpsuit (well now pants)! I loved the pattern and the fabric was perfect for summer. Unfortunately the top wasn’t very flattering on my body type, but I loved the bottoms, so I reached out to my boyfriend’s mom, who owns Tally Ho Slip Covers, and asked if she could help me redesign the jumpsuit. She used the elastic waist from the jumpsuit and made that into the waist for my pants. Voila! I had my own pair of comfy gaucho Lily pants. I usually pair them with either a form fitting tank top or a loose blue or white blouse. They were perfect for my sunset bike ride last night.

Not all clothing is made to fit everyones body, and that is ok! If you find something that you love the fabric, texture, or one part about it don’t be afraid to get it altered so you can enjoy it. This can be for a pair of jeans that is just too long, or maybe a dress that you’d rather have a bit shorter. Just keep in mind the cost of everything and if it will all be worth it in the end. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries until you figure out what is worth altering and what isn’t. If you are  ever wondering about something, feel free to comment or message me and I can help out. I’ve always shopped with an open mind to clothing. All my prom and formal dresses in high school were old vintage dresses that I bought for about $20-$40 and got them hemmed for a younger look. And yes I’ve had my fair share of goodwill mom jeans that I turned into high waisted ripped jean shorts. Jeans are a good starting point for people new to cutting and altering their clothes. (My Target black ripped jean post)!

Outfit details below:

Jumpsuit turned Pants: Lilly for Target // Urban OutfittersLilly Pulitzer

Tank: Target Mossimo

Cover up: Target //  Charlotte Russe Charlotte Russe

Necklace: Jewelry by Andie B.

Shoes: Maians // Vans adidas

Bike: Target // Lulu

Sunglasses: Sperry


Everyone has that one shirt in the summer that they just love throwing on, this Rephrase tank is mine. After I got it I found myself putting it on with all my summer outfits, white pants, white shorts, jean shorts, you name it. The soft cotton and relaxed fit makes it extremely comfortable and loose for those hot summer days. With tanks like this it can sometimes gets tricky with the bra, so I’d suggest to invest in a basic black or white bandeau or a bra with a nice lace side. Both of these will still give you that loose free feeling but flow better with the top’s style.I love the tank in the summer, but it is also the perfect top to layer with other clothes year round.

Rephrase is a new clothing company started in Columbus, OH by one of my good friends, Belinda. The brand takes simplistic styles to a more edgy level and brings ease and comfort to everyday style. On top of making beautiful pieces, the brand is passionate about cutting down on the global production of textile fibers to improve safe drinking water. 10% of proceeds from each sale is donated to clean water projects around the world.

For Columbus locals check out Thread for Rephrase collections or enjoy international shipping on the website

Outfit breakdown:

Tank: Rephrase

Pants: Marshalls- similar

Sandals: Target

Sunglasses: Flower Child

Necklace: Red Giraffe Designs



Over the past couple of weeks my friend Liz and I have been hitting up the best thrift stores in Columbus to create a list of tips and stores for you guys! (Of course we did a little shopping while we were at it as well). Liz and I became friends through blogging. She is a very trendy lifestyle and mommy blogger who also shares the same love of bargain hunting as I do. Seeing that I am fairly new to Columbus, I reached out to her to see if she could show me the ropes. Liz knows her way around the thrift stores and knows how to work it. She shops every section, finding adorable swimsuits for her daughter to summer jean shorts for herself. We shopped three different stores, Volunteers of America- West Henderson, Ohio Thrift- Upper Arlington, and Goodwill Columbus.






Below are my tips for thrifting. Head over to Liz’s blog for her tips!

1) Be comfortable and patient. Don’t expect the perfect dress right off the bat. You need to give yourself time to dig through the store and try things on. You will not find a gem if you only spend 5 minutes searching. In addition to this is comfort, you need to have your hands free and feel comfortable so that you can focus all your attention on the items.



2) Pay no attention to sizes. Most of us, have our individual size so stuck in our mind that other sizes don’t even exist. If you see something you like try it on. The styles, companies, eras, fabrics are all so different at thrift stores that sizes don’t matter. If I see a pattern, fabric, or style that I like, I try it on. Yes I have tried on some awkwardly fitted clothing, but I have also found amazing pieces that are no where close to my size.


3) Color of the day. Almost every thrift store marks their clothing with colored tags. These colors are a certain percentage off different days of the week. Check out what colors are discounted on what days. If you are on the fence about an item come back on it’s discounted day, if it is still there then it is fate. You can get a $2.99 shirt for 50% off! What a deal.



4) Have fun! Thrift stores have so much merchandise who knows what you might find, so have fun with it. You might find a mermaid trinket that could make for a jewelry holder or a goofy hat that would be a great prop for a party or halloween costume. So just remember don’t take everything too seriously 😉