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Peace.Love.Festival Style.

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The weather is warm and festival season has begun. I was inspired to write about this when I was scrolling through my instagram and seeing all the fun Coachella outfits. To be honest, I mostly love music festivals to people watch and outfit observe, the live music is pretty cool too :). Everyone is a little bit more daring when dressing for a music festival, you can really get creative. Depending on the location and month of the festival your outfit will vary. Wear something you will be comfortable in and that is still age appropriate. It seems that the couple of music festivals I’ve been to everyone thinks they have to wear ripped jean booty shorts and a bra. There are so many more options out there for you! Stores have even made it easy for you these days with “Festival Style” sections and collections. I’m loving my maxi pants as an alternative option to ripped jean shorts. First off, they are extremely comfortable, basically like pajamas. Secondly I can confidently sit Indian style on the grass field  in them while I am waiting in between artist. And thirdly it makes me feel like I’m from the 70s, which was really the beginning of festivals. Although hard to see, I’m wearing gladiator sandals. I personally like wearing sandals or flip flops because they are less restricting and if it is hot out, a lot cooler. I have some friends that swear by wearing keds or converse, which also makes sense, your feet won’t get as dirty and your little toes won’t get stomped on during the show. Do whatever you feel comfortable with. Advice though, don’t wear your favorite pair, they will get muddy. Now onto the top, because my pants are loose and not form fitting I decided to do the top completely opposite to balance them out. Throw on some bangles, bicep band, a long necklace, maybe some flash tats and you are ready to go rock out. Outfit breakdown below:

Top: Rowe Boutique. Similar: Forever 21Nasty Gal

Pants: Target. Similar: Forever 21Jennifer Lopez

Necklace: Forever 21. Similar: Juicy CoutureHouse of Harlow

Bracelet: Urban Outfitters. Similar: Forever 21

Shoes: TJMaxx. Similar: Sam EdelmanSteve Madden

Sunglasses: street vendor. Similar: Nasty Gal Urban Outfitters

*My dog has nothing to do with festival style, she just came along for the support 🙂

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