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The weather is warm and festival season has begun. I was inspired to write about this when I was scrolling through my instagram and seeing all the fun Coachella outfits. To be honest, I mostly love music festivals to people watch and outfit observe, the live music is pretty cool too :). Everyone is a little bit more daring when dressing for a music festival, you can really get creative. Depending on the location and month of the festival your outfit will vary. Wear something you will be comfortable in and that is still age appropriate. It seems that the couple of music festivals I’ve been to everyone thinks they have to wear ripped jean booty shorts and a bra. There are so many more options out there for you! Stores have even made it easy for you these days with “Festival Style” sections and collections. I’m loving my maxi pants as an alternative option to ripped jean shorts. First off, they are extremely comfortable, basically like pajamas. Secondly I can confidently sit Indian style on the grass field  in them while I am waiting in between artist. And thirdly it makes me feel like I’m from the 70s, which was really the beginning of festivals. Although hard to see, I’m wearing gladiator sandals. I personally like wearing sandals or flip flops because they are less restricting and if it is hot out, a lot cooler. I have some friends that swear by wearing keds or converse, which also makes sense, your feet won’t get as dirty and your little toes won’t get stomped on during the show. Do whatever you feel comfortable with. Advice though, don’t wear your favorite pair, they will get muddy. Now onto the top, because my pants are loose and not form fitting I decided to do the top completely opposite to balance them out. Throw on some bangles, bicep band, a long necklace, maybe some flash tats and you are ready to go rock out. Outfit breakdown below:

Top: Rowe Boutique. Similar: Forever 21Nasty Gal

Pants: Target. Similar: Forever 21Jennifer Lopez

Necklace: Forever 21. Similar: Juicy CoutureHouse of Harlow

Bracelet: Urban Outfitters. Similar: Forever 21

Shoes: TJMaxx. Similar: Sam EdelmanSteve Madden

Sunglasses: street vendor. Similar: Nasty Gal Urban Outfitters

*My dog has nothing to do with festival style, she just came along for the support 🙂


Crop tops can sometimes be a tricky piece to wear. You want to make sure you get that crop top look without being too exposed. I’ve tried multiple crop tops on and worked to try and match them with different bottoms. The one combination I found to be the best and most flattering is a crop top with high waisted bottoms. The high waisted bottoms act almost as a body shaper and allow you to get that crop top look even if you don’t have a 6 pack. Right now Target has some a great selection of crop tops. They are simple, cotton and are a good cut. For only $12.99 you can get a top that will go with multiple outfits and is lightweight for summer. I love the edgy look of crop tops, but I think it is a trend that will last a year or two more, so getting one crop top that will work with multiple looks will do the job! No need to buy a bunch of them. Outfit breakdown below:

Top: Target // BoohooAmerican Apparel

Jacket: Target // RD StyleForever 21

Jeans: Target // Paige DenimCharlotte Russe

I found my pair at Target that were of plain black jeans and cut them myself!

Shoes: Target //  Arturo ChiangSteve Madden

Necklace: Banana Republic // Banana RepublicBanana Republic

Sunglasses: Cotton On // Sole Society Le Specs

Bracelet: Victoria Secret // Express


Something I’ve learned since I started my blogging is what an amazing network it opens up. The midwest blogging community is welcoming, encouraging, and fun, so I was excited to attend Go Blog Social in Kansas City this past weekend to meet more talented midwest bloggers. As I was packing my bag I made sure to have a stack of business cards, mints, a fully charged camera, purple lipstick and a pen and notebook. As I started getting ready for the event that morning, I was a little nervous, I’m in a new city, I don’t know anyone here, and I’m about to spend 8 hours at this place. It is always intimidating to walk into a room full of people not knowing anyone. But the second I walked into Berg Event Space, all those nervous feelings were gone. It was such a great vibe, everyone wanted to meet each other, network, learn more about their blogs, and where they were from. I was quickly reminded of the welcoming midwest attitude that I experienced when I first started in Columbus. At the end of the day I had a handful of bloggers’ business cards, a notebook full of advice, a bag full of goodies, and some new Kansas City friends :).

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The Berg Event Space was beautifully decorated with floral arrangements by Trapp and Company, photo shoot backdrop and tables of the featured speakers’ products. The ceiling had sky windows letting in a warm sun beam that created great lighting for photos (a must for a room full of bloggers). We spent the first hour socializing, learning the hows and whys others started blogging. There was a good mix of graphic designers, fashion, lifestyle, food, and mommy bloggers making it very interested to hear about others experiences.

Below you will find recaps of the speakers presentations, along with some of the key points that I took away.


Mandy Beyeler @sugarbeecrafts a DIY blogger, was the first speaker of the day, her presentation was “Building a Blogging Community” In the beginning of her presentation she talked about being authentic. Yes everyone wants to gain followers and likes, but at the end of the day you want those followers and likes to be authentic. Nothing feels better than a genuine comment or interest in your post. As you begin to build this community, you learn that working together as bloggers is better and more fun than competing with each other. Fun fact about Mandy, her family is in the process of building their house from the ground up! Check out her site to watch the progress they have already made!


Lily Jade is a designer diaper bag company that was started by a young couple who wanted a more versatile diaper bag. You could never tell from the photo above that these cute purses serve as diaper bags. This entrepreneurial couple created this product from the ground up and talked about why working with brands is beneficial. They gave great tips on how to reach out to brands and what that email should look like. I loved hearing about how this couple took a simple idea and created a company around it. They shared everything from the leather manufacturing to the partnerships they have with bloggers.


Enza’s Bargains presented “During and After the Campaign”. She had great insight to pitching to PR reps and the follow up on campaigns. Many make the mistake of after posting thinking that you are done, when really that is just the beginning. After posting a giveaway or photo promotion, start tracking your shares, likes, and views compiling a report to send back to the business. This allows them to see how effective the post was and if a future campaign would be beneficial. So don’t just stop at the post, make sure you follow up.


Blogger gone business owner, Callie created her own gluten-free, vegan snack brand, Rawxies. I enjoyed hearing about her experience as she started her own business and skyrocketed across the US. She found something that she was passionate about and wanted to share it with the rest of the world. Callie also talked about creating authentic relationships and being more personal. During the Q&A she emphasized the importance of doing more research before starting your own business. Don’t just focus on what you think the customer wants, but research what the buyer wants. She laughed and advised “Just start and you’ll figure things out”.

Stay tuned to find out more about the next Go Blog Social event…






One of my favorite parts about my recent trip to Spain was my personalized private fashion tour through My Favourite Things. What I love about traveling is observing and absorbing different cultures. Whether that means sitting at a plaza restaurant and watching the city go by, or connecting with a local about where their favorite spots are. Don’t get me wrong, I still go to see tourist attractions, but you don’t fully experience a city if you are surrounded by tourist all day. And that is one of the reasons I loved the idea of this fashion tour. I emailed the company a month or two before our trip and from there on we exchanged multiple emails. She got to know more about me as a person, my style, and how I wanted to see local shops. We spent about 5 hours with our guide Laura as she showed us local Barcelona and Spanish designers. We could tell she really studied our style and tailored the tour perfectly to the shops in our price range and what we were looking for. We went in and out of stores as she gave us a background of who the designer was, their style, price range, and what they are known for. She also spent time in between shops telling us about the Barcelona lifestyle and pointing out restaurants and bars on the map for us to check out after. -She does a culinary tour as well for you foodies out there 😉 -. As we browsed stores she pointed out that the Barcelona style is all about comfort, showing us clothes that weren’t form fitting, more  of a boxy and loose shape. Needless to say after the tour we had to go back into all the shops she showed us and doing some good old fashion shopping.

I loved seeing all the local designers and their different store layouts. One that I fell in love with before we even went inside was Dr. Bloom.  With vibrant colors and patterns displayed in the window and I was immediately drawn in. You walk into the store and it is has a fresh and exciting feel. With a pitcher of lemonade to refresh you while you shop around and old fashion beach huts as fitting rooms, it just makes you smile. And this is before you even start looking at the beautiful clothing! As I went through each rack I struggled to only pick one item to bring back to the states, I wanted everything. We learned that Dr. Bloom, a local Barcelona designer, creates a new collection every 15 days! This was so cool to me because the items you buy are truly unique. I decided on one of their gorgeous pink pastel jackets (87 euro), which is light weight and fits beautifully over a dress or jeans and a white shirt.

IMG_4494 IMG_4495 IMG_4496IMG_4707 IMG_4710IMG_4744

Another store that my boyfriend and I both loved was Maians. Another Barcelona designer, their shoes are made in Spain and designed for comfort and to embrace the Barcelona beach lifestyle. The shoes are cotton so you don’t have to wear socks with them and can put them in the wash if you needed to. Maians is a great example of the style that Laura was talking about, that comfortable and easy look. We each bought a pair and wore them the rest of the trip, very comfortable. Although they are made for a beach lifestyle, they work just great any where, I’ve been wearing mine here in Ohio, and it brings the beach lifestyle to Columbus. IMG_466420150327_175504 (1)IMG_4671IMG_4583