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Go Glam Go Carry On

Recently I took a “holiday” (as they say in Europe) to Amsterdam and Barcelona and challenged myself to just take a carry on size bag. Now this sounds almost impossible for traveling to 2 different climates in 10 days and trying to get some blog post in while doing it, but I’m here to say that it can be done! It can be done without outfit repeating and you can even have 2 outfits a day. I’ve traveled to Europe before and took a huge suitcase and I learned my lesson. Getting on and off trains and buses with a 50 lbs suitcase was stressful. Also, many places don’t have elevators and the rooms tend to be smaller than in America. Another lesson I learned when checking bags while traveling internationally, there is a better chance of it getting lost at the airport. Last thing you need after traveling for 15 hours to Europe is to not have any clothes. Eek!

So there I was a week before my trip with a carry on size suitcase and a bed full of clothes, shoes, and accessories. I started by going through every piece I had and eliminating any piece that only went with one outfit. I aimed for each item to go with at least 3 different outfits. Starting with my pants, I packed 3 pairs. After that, I picked my 5 pairs of shoes. Each one went with at least 2 pairs of pants. Now onto the tops, I made sure that I could layer all of them. In Amsterdam it was a bit colder than Barcelona, so did more layering there. Took 1 heavy coat to Amsterdam and 1 lighter ones to Barcelona. We were lucky enough to have a washer at our apartment 5 days in, so I was able to wash my socks and undergarments. Different shirts with different pants and then changing the scarf gives you completely different looks. And then my secret weapon..ziplock vacuum bags. I only had to use 1, but man did it do magic. I took an extra one for the way back because I knew I would be going shopping ;).

My breakdown of packing list

3 pairs of pants

5 shoes

6 tops

2 dresses/rompers

1 pair tights

1 heavy coat

1 lighter jackets

3 necklaces

3 scarves

2 pairs of sunglasses

1 set of PJs

More details of each individual outfit to come in future post. But for now here are a few of my outfits from the trip

IMG_3892 IMG_3983IMG_409820150323_175349IMG_4259 IMG_4305 IMG_4340 IMG_4389IMG_4502IMG_4565

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