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Across the Sea

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Inspiration is all around, whether it is in the recent Vogue you are flipping through or the color combinations you are attracted to in an urban mural. Don’t get me wrong, I love scrolling through Instagram and pinterest looking at beautiful outfits and observing how people have styled them, but I find ideas other places as well. Old movies, art and history museums, gardens, architecture, and food are great ways to see how beautiful colors and textures have been mixed together. It doesn’t have to be the entire piece that you try to recreate in an outfit, it can be the bottom corner of a painting or the window pattern on a skyscraper. “Trains Across the Sea”, that I discovered off #expcols hashtag on instagram, got me thinking of creative lines, white and black contrast, and blues of the sea. After going to my closet and trying a couple different outfits, I was able to use my inspiration to create an outfit with creative lines and white and blue contrast. Next time you are out and about start looking around to see what you find beautiful, why it caught your eye and how can you interpret it into an outfit. Outfit breakdown below

Sweater:  C&C California C & C California

Pants: Gap // Gap

Coat: Forever 21 // Vince CamutoMissguided

Clutch : Lodis // Clare Vivier Lodis

Shoes: Target // NaturalizerCoach

Necklace: 11 Twenty Eight // PanaceaPanacea

Sunglasses: Rowe // Urban OutfittersElizabeth and James

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