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Staying warm and colorful might not always be the easiest. Winter clothing tends to be more blacks and browns, which on a dark and gloomy day isn’t always the happiest. Try bringing some color to your winter outfits to show some brightness to those overcast days. It will make you feel better and maybe even lighten someone else’s day. You can stick with the clothing you already have and just add a bold colored accessory or two and volia!

As I was out shopping all the winter sales last weekend I came across this Henri Bendel clutch. The color was what drew me in, loved the side handle on it and then that it was on sale! I had to get it. I soon found out that it was actually a mini ipad case. I don’t have an ipad, but my cellphone, credit card, new Ohio ID, and lip venom would fit perfectly in here for date night, happy hour, or a nice event. My bold colored accessory, which reflects a great purple color, is from a local Columbus jewelry designer, 11 Twenty Eight. This quartz crystal druzy pendant is even more gorgeous in person. It has a radiant purple color that glows when you wear it. I love it! Outfit details below:

Henri Bendel “clutch” mini ipad case: $49 sale

11 Twenty Eight purple quartz crystal druzy pendant: $52 similar

Rowe sunglasses: $24

Rowe green infinite scarf: borrowed from a friend

Pac Sun Kendall and Kylie faux leather jeans: $10 sale

Target Mossimo turtleneck: $13.98 on sale

Target Mossimo booties: $10.98 sale similar

Target Mossimo black tote: $15.98 sale similar

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