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Anything is Possible

IMG_3219IMG_3255IMG_3221IMG_3227IMG_3252IMG_3229I love wearing my new shirt from By Luciana, a local Columbus designer, because I do believe that if you set your mind on something and work hard that anything really is possible. Everyday is about growing, setting goals, and learning from your mistakes. Since moving to Columbus I have come across so many cool local restaurants, designers and clothing boutiques. I truly admire their motivation and entrepreneurial spirit in really making anything possible. Outfit breakdown below

Glam 356 black gem sweater: $50 on sale

By Luciana “Anything is Possible” shirt: $25

Tiger Tree California state necklace: $10

Zara black leggings: $25.90

Target leopard print slip ons: $15.98 in store clearance, $24.99 online

Amazon WWII backpack: $24.86

6pm Sperry sunglasses: $24.99

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