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Tis the season of borrowing and gifting! There are so many joys of coming home for the holidays, seeing old friends, being with my family, the warm weather, and 3 new closets of clothes to choose from! I’ve been borrowing or they might say “stealing”, clothes from my sisters ever since I can remember. Borrowing is a great way to spruce up some of your old clothes or to rock a completely new outfit. In college I lived with 8 other girls, just imagine the outfit possibilities, we would always swap skirts, blouses, necklaces and shoes which was perfect for the college budget. What I love about borrowing and lending is seeing how everyone takes the same piece of clothing or jewelry and makes it unique to their personality. Outfit breakdown below:

H&M fuzzy black and white striped sweater: $17.95

JCrew long crystal floret necklace: gifted from my cousins, thanks!

White dress: borrowed from my sister. Similar dress ASOS Swing Dress

Kate Spade beige purse: borrowed from my sister

Kate Spade floral hooped earrings: borrowed from my sister

Target Sam & Libby booties: $33.75 with Cartwheel 25% off shoes

Cotton On sunglasses: sale for $5, borrowed from my sister


Flash that Gold and wow everyone this winter. Flash tats are a fun way to make you feel a little rebellious with no commitment. Style them around the wrist like a bracelet or line them up the arm for more of a tattoo look. Whatever you choose, they are easy to remove after one night or you can decide to keep it on for the rest of the week! Outfit breakdown below

Target Xhilaration gold and black striped skirt: $22.99

Target flash tattoos: $15 pack of gold and silver

Zara leather peplum top: birthday gift, thanks!

Goodwill black dress jacket: $4.99

Gold “Make Things Happen” necklace: borrowed, thanks!

Dolce Vita nude bow heels: $10 from Treasures and Trivia rummage sale


After my roommate came home and told me about an amazing consignment store in Grandview Columbus, I went first thing the next morning. I’m addicted to bargain shopping, I admit it. Second Chance Consignment Store in Grandview Columbus, OH is a wonderful hidden gem. Consignment stores are great because they have gently worn designer clothing for around $15-40, it doesn’t get much better than that. Another reason I love consignment stores is you’ll find your current designer brands, but also vintage brands that might not be sold anymore. One item that is a guarantee find at second hand stores are designer jeans. JBrand, Hudson, 7Seven and BGBC are pretty much always being sold. Usually they are priced around $20-60 which is a great deal compared to their full retail price. And one more reason why I love consignment stores is that not only are you saving money on designer clothing, but you can make money too! Next time you clean out your closet, check for those pieces that you only wore once or twice and sell them for some cash.

Outfit breakdown below:

 Second Chance Consignment vintage Ruth Alan Designs bow hat, made of Doeskin wool: $35

Second Chance Consignment Hudson Jeans: $25

Treasures and Trivia rummage sale black pull over: $20 bought about 8 years ago!

Old Navy heavyweight boat shirt: $19.95

Jewelry by Andie B black tassel necklace: $35.00

Gold necklace “Make things happen”: borrowed from a friend, thanks!

Target black booties: $24.99

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This past weekend I spent my Saturday afternoon filled with champagne, Smart Bomb Cosmetics, and fashionistas at Glam356’s VIP blogger event. It was beautifully lit inside and had a wonder small friendly boutique feel. The store is filled with cosmetics, accessories, clothing and in the back of the store there is a even a mini salon were you can get your makeup done. I love this boutique because their merchandise and Smart Bomb Cosmetics are all  local. We were given the chance to sample some of the Smart Bomb Cosmetics, and they were fantastic! The products are natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and on top of that all smell delicious. I can’t wait to go back and try the rest of the of the Smart Bomb Cosmetics line!

Check out more photos at Il Moda PR Facebook

IMG_2536IMG_2532 IMG_2575IMG_2578IMG_2562IMG_2465Bring a little flare to your winter coat, just because it is cold out doesn’t mean your outfit has to become a blob. This Laundry coat, from Nordstrom Rack, was gifted to me from my mom to prepare me for the midwest winters. It is now about 3 years old and still kicking. I love the way this coat brings style to anything I’m wearing (which is key in the winter since it is my outer most layer). Advice for purchasing a winter coat, get it from one of the bargain department stores, Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, TJMAxx, or Burlington Coat Factory. They all have the brands that are legit but a whole lot cheaper. Outfit breakdown below:

Nordstrom Rack Laundry Coat: $89.99 Similar coats: Nordstrom Rack Via Spiga $105, The Limited Military Wool Coat $99

Marshalls Vince Camuto scarf: $19.99

Marshalls Juicy Couture white jeans: $29.99

Kate Spade Peacock blue purse: gifted from ebay flash sale 🙂

Oscar de la Renta vintage flats: $20 treasure and trivia rummage sale

Lane & Kate spotted gold feather earrings: $15

Target studded sunglasses: $9.99 Similar sunglasses Target cat-eye sale $9.08 Forever 21 Retro cat-eye sunglasses $5.80