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Want a different look? Doesn’t take much or a lot of money. Mixing and matching the clothing you already have with one or two newer items can make that old clothing seem brand new! My two new items in these are the american flag scarf and Target booties, everything else is 1-5 years old.

Another way to switch old clothing up is change the way you wear them. The american flag scarf worn inside out gave the outfit a different feel and really bolded the stars. Second change up was wearing my jean shirt with my jean vest. I’ve been wanting to buy a jean jacket, but I challenged myself to work with what I had and created the illusion of one. Lastly, a quick change of the tops and voila! a new look. Next time you are in a rut with your wardrobe challenge yourself to switch it up and mix pieces you might not have before.

Both outfit breakdowns below:

The Limited jean shirt: $49.99 bought a year ago

Francesca’s american flag infinity scarf: $34

Forever 21 suede skirt: $15.99 bought about 4 years ago, link is similar look

Goodwill green belt: $1.99

Target Sam & Libby booties: $33.75 with Cartwheel 25% off shoes

Target Merona gingham shirt: $22.99

*Target has free shipping for the holidays, no minimum!*

Cotton On green infinity scarf: $5 on sale

Jean vest $5 from a stand at Santee Ally Los Angeles

Sunglasses: $5 from a stand in Santee Ally Los Angeles

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I was so excited to collaborate with my talented friend Andrea and feature one of her necklaces in my post. The necklace is beautifully made with a special pattern of gold beads and a fun chained tassel at the end. All of her pieces are unique to you and made right here in Ohio. What I love most about this necklace is it’s versatility. Ever since I got it, I’ve worn it with multiple different outfits, colors, fabrics and all look fabulous. So don’t be surprised if you see this necklace in some of my other post!

Some of my other favorites in this post are the Target leather gloves with knitted sleeves and my Old Navy pink jacket. The knitted sleeves on the leather gloves is such a simple change to make gloves a little more stylish, plus another warm layer on my cold hands. The Old Navy jacket, I spotted on their Instagram and had to have it. I’m obsessed with pastels this winter so this “bouquet pink” color was a must have for me.

Outfit breakdown below:

Jewelry by Andie black and gold custom beaded pendant necklace: $34.00

Old Navy bouquet jacket: $59.94 but it is on sale now for $42.00!

Forever 21 grey cardigan: $8.90

H&M baby blue blouse: $24.95

Nordstrom Rack Kate Spade sunglasses: $49.99

Target limited edition leather gloves with knitted sleeve $24.99

Target crossbody satchel black handbag: $44.99

Target Sam & Libby booties: $33.75 with Cartwheel 25% off shoes

*Target has free shipping for the holidays, no minimum!*

T.J.Maxx J Brand black jeans: $69.99

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Where do I begin, T.J.Maxx, Zara, Target, Kate Spade, Cotton On and fall in German Village Columbus, everything about this makes me happy. These are some of my go to brands. Zara, unfortunately not in Columbus yet, is one of my favorite stores. They offer beautiful pieces and their sales are great! Although Zara is on my “treat myself” store list, the clothes I buy from there last forever and stay flattering throughout.

Outfit breakdown below

T.J.Maxx grey hat: $16.99

Zara mustard blouse: $49.99

Cotton On faux fur scarf: $10

T.J.Maxx J Brand black jeans: $69.99

Target black booties: $24.99

Kate Spade purse: gifted a couple years ago 🙂