Monthly Archives: September 2014


Everyone should be able to love what they wear without maxing out the credit card. Sales and Second hand stores are my top shopping destinations, mostly because I can wear the brands that I want, look put together, and still have money left over to go out for drinks, brunch with friends, or back to the shops.

End of the season sales are great ways to find deals. The stores have to get rid of the merchandise so the % off is usually pretty good. Plus, most stores set the next season of merchandise in the middle of the previous one, so you can still wear it and then have it for next year too!

Breakdown of the Prices:

Target Hat: $16.99 full price

Gap Knitted Scarf: $12 at their winter sale last year

Aldo Cowboy Boots: original price $125, I bought them at Crossroads Trading Company for $35.oo

Old Navy heavyweight boat shirt: $19.95 full price

The Limited Navy Jeans: bought them during a buy one get one 50% off. Ended up around $49.99

20140914_101229_1 Thank you Target for this outfit. Besides the jeans and sunglasses (which were from goodwill) the outfit was all Target, also known as Targét. All versatile pieces that will be used many more times.